Lying Regardless

I talked to my grandmother on Sunday afternoon. After a few minutes she said, “You had any martinis today?” So I asked her why would she say that. Because she is in her late 80s, it was apparent to me that this was from someone else and I wanted to know who. They begin to fill my grandmother with lies about taverns, drinking, not caring for my kids, and men. While I hadn’t talked to them or my grandmother, they were able to routinely fill her mind with this trash. The antics were untrue extremes of me going to karaoke.

1- I refuse to sit on the phone with anyone to keep me in good grace in their thoughts because those who know and love me … KNOW AND LOVE ME!!! Period! Love you Grandmother! I do need prayer anyway though!
2- I will tolerate truths and concern but I will not entertain lies and cynicism. They deserve no answer but “that is not true”.
3- You can”t do anything more right to get a better response from them. They will talk regardless. Keep it moving.

New Life Rule: When you intentionally cut people off toxic people, they will not stop. They will even make up things just to keep talking about you. You will come to realize that they are OCD (obsessive-compulsive) over YOU. LOL They will find any avenue to affect your life … Be prepared … Mark my word …

Don’t get upset! For the work that you do, there are so many more positively affected by your life. Secondly, you are grown. They have lived their lives and now you should live yours. Shake it off!! They are doing it to get at you … AND YOU AND I WILL REMAIN *UNTOUCHABLE!!!*

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