Men: Angry Women

Propaganda teaches that anger belongs to 1 ethnic group but we all harness that emotion.  No matter what ethnicity, embrace your women, Kings!

An angry woman is not born she is created.  The man in her life left as a child, a budding love, and as she was a mother.  She is conditioned by life to care for and protect herself.  Self-absorbed men aren’t born but taught by all media influence, history, and examples in their lives. 

Because I believe,
knowing both are true,
in the power of healing, wholeness, and strength for our community …
there is the healing power in our men to restore our women to honor
and love her into the beauty
you want to see …
that really she longs to be!  Don’t reject her, run from her, consider her less than!  Embrace and accept her as mothers and Queens that need your Kingship … heal!

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