On my way home I had a thought that made me chuckle. Someone told me that “I needed to stop singing in clubs & give my life to Jesus”. What shocked me most is that the person didn’t know me, I was misunderstood.  I’m usually sitting with my friends-of-protection, laughing, talking, & clapping.  I’m there because I genuinely love singing & the stage. Instead of me defending myself, I offered nothing but a blank stare. I’ve gotten out of the need to explain if there is no benefit.  I’ve gotten out of desiring to live at everyone’s commands, even if I’m not wrong.  I’ve gotten out of forcing others views of me on me.  There was a time I wanted to be understood. Now I know that not only do you not UNDERSTAND me, you don’t KNOW me.  It is no longer my job to prove anything but my job to recognize that you lose when you don’t seek to know me. But for those who want to understand, enlighten then so that the misunderstanding is no longer.  So now, instead of getting mad at the accusations, I just chuckle and think …” you shouldn’t be so clueless!”  Being “misunderstood” means there is a understanding that SOMEONE ELSE missed about you.

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