Never Fear The Threats

People will use manipulation in relationships to have you on pins and needles (that is actually emotional abuse). And will use threats as a means of control even afterwards. In the end, the person seems to do what you most feared at the beginning. Working so hard to make it not happen, whatever IT is … happens. Many times it happens not because of you but because they made a decision for it to happen. Then you think about all the sacrifices you made to make it work. Then another just ups and takes it all away. I have seen this in women trying to not escalate physical abuse, men trying to keep contact with their children, and countless other ways in which we conform to people that have only their interest in mind. These people never have your best interest at heart and you see the flags. And stand blameless. In the end, you see the truth. I live by a new truth now … NEVER FEAR THE THREATS AND ALWAYS DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU!! When you don’t do right, controlling people use it as a justification for what they did to you. Give them no ammunition … To me when I get a threat that is red alert for BE PREPARED TO PROTECT YOURSELF! When you act out of fear, it is the opposite of love and more importantly wisdom. Try to act out of wisdom. Any abuse, seek help. Kid situation- know your rights and continue to support kids anyway you can including school and writing cards. Never fear the threats! Prepare to protect yourself and do the right things so that at all times your ducks are in a row and you can move forward easily!

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