No Place To Grow

In the last 4 years I have learned a lot about me.  New and hidden passions and talents have blossomed.  It’s not just I didn’t know my own strength but I didn’t even know what I liked or really needed (dealing with controlling people will do that). 

After talking with a friend I realized that even musically the place we were, allowed us no room to grow.  My vocal ability was stronger then but we had no place to grow.  We also talked about how Cher and Tina Turner would fair on Sunday Best.  Because they don’t have the “church voice”, they are limited.  But in the free world they are loved, they have made millions, and they are famous.  Hmmm …  So, the talent is there … there is an audience for that talent there … the only thing necessary to showcase it is a platform.   For me it was at karaoke and don’t underestimate karaoke because now I know many start there.  I remember many times in my marriage and in my childhood my ambitions being cut down.  Many times people don’t want you to rise above where they are. Other times keeping you at a certain place serves the purpose they need you for. 

At this point recognize that you will not access any part of who you are by not allowing yourself to grow and discover you.  Everything does mature with time but we can be enjoying our core passions that make us tick and want more in life. Put yourself in a place and around people that can see, accept, and help you to achieve who you are and want to be.  No Limits or boundaries … I see increase all around you, break forth … ENLARGE YOUR TERRITORY! (song called No Limits by Israel Houghton, going to listen to it now to encourage myself)

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