Nothing But …

Today I know it is God keeping me.  In my natural state I should not be this strong or full of love and peace today.  I call Him my Sustainer!! I have trusted and got hurt, people want to do anything they can to make and keep me oppressed (even people I don’t know), and all the other stresses of a single mother with children. 

But in all that, and my load is so burdensome to my mind, my heart is so full and has me floating.  It’s a high that I can easily access and stays with me as long as I’m connected.  I’m so grateful for this beautiful energy.  Gratefulness is flowing from my heart … Nothing but God!!!

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  1. Wow…I love this sentiment. “It’s a high I can easily access…as long as I’m connected.”

    It’s all about gratitude! 🙂

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