One Woman Is Maturity

The mentality of a grown man is different from a boy. A boy is on sex & right now & no commitment. A man sees where he wants to be and makes a way to put everything and everybody in its rightful place.  He’s secures his own future because he is mature enough to know that he is the only one who will and can … For those he love …

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  1. William Jordan, Jr says:


    • Koi Nikole says:

      I’ve been man watching this weekend and the mentality, process, and actions of a mature man is so different. It’s not on thrills, selfishness, and for the moment accolades. It’s not on the trophy women but the trophy life, the trophy future, and heart. He knows that sowing hard work and doing the right thing gives him, peace, longevity, health, and life success. He is a life success because he has heart, peace, and blessings that no money can buy!!!

  2. Mi'Ahni says:

    Said that rrright!

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