Open & Free To Love

Some people say, “I love this person so much” or “I know they are no good for me, why can’t I let them go”?  Sometimes our investment was so large, to pull out is not easy.  We have loved so hard, to even leave, rips a part of us.  We have created hopes and foreseen the future with our investment and it isn’t easy.  It is imprinted in our desire, what we look forward to.  That’s why we believe so strongly.  Then we expect that what is given will come back to us.  The question is, “Can they … Will they reciprocate the same passion, loyalty, and love?”.

They have proven their ways.  They have shown us in their actions and motives. We know. But for some reasons listed above, we want to believe the … sorry to say …lie.  This could be with your significant other, your parent, your child, your dream or vision, your boss, your church, etc. 

Accept the situation AS IT IS for what it is.  When you see that it isn’t bringing LIFE into your life, it’s time to start the process of letting it go.  Let go so you can open your life to real love and meaningful relationships.  These feelings you hold onto entangle you. Open you life to be free from the constant damage and lack of love.  Open your life to be free to share the love you have safely.  Open your life to be free to share life with someone who wants all these great things as much as you do …  I am open myself …

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  1. James Konopka says:

    Thank you so much Koi. Those are words I needed to hear today! Sometimes I know what’s best, but don’t really get it till I find the right words. I know the right decidion. Now all I need is the strength and courage to let go of someone who’s been a big part of my life for years.

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