Wrap That Waistline

For my friends and fam who wanted the wraps, school’s over so I’m open for business!!! I apologize for the wait! Yes, they are all natural, organic, and no GMOs! Ladies & Gentlemen, have places to go and shape to get into! Email me!



Meeting Susan L. Taylor

Yesterday I had the honor of hearing Susan L. Taylor speak.  The truth is I got up in the morning with the intention of putting my poem in her hand.  I was the 3rd person in line and I was so happy I squeezed her and forgot my pretty girl picture smile.  She is the former Chief Editor of Essence magazine with a Mentoring initiative of her own. 

As I watched her, I saw myself and the things I love to do.  My desire is to be a best selling author and motivational speaker as well as to pioneer an initiative to build people.  She is doing what I want to do in a dynamic way!  Thank you!!!!

Everyone Pays Child Support

Everyone pays child support and none are exempt!  It’s amazing how in dollars and time, women pay extensively more but some believe the court favors women.

What I hate is whining men!!! And I love my Brothers BUT …  If I see another whining, dumb post about how she … I’m gonna stick my … Ugghh!  BOTH of you are angry!  BOTH of you are hurt!  Most times one’s tired of the craziness and the other was caught unprepared.  Shut the front mouth and heal yourself for your children!  Action that!!!  I was put on Child Support the minute my children were born, married and all! LOL My time, essence, and dollars are valuable too.  Like all of us do, just make it happen for your children!  UnHurt one another and teach your Brothers to do the same💙💚💙

Now I love y’all,  SHOOT!!!!!!

The Marriage Business

It will never cease to amaze me how in a marriage of 2 people, people can’t get nothing accomplished!  Since I’ve not been married, in 6 yrs. I have attained 2 degreed, traveled internationally,  wrote a book, and am healthier than any of those almost 14 years.  Yes, I’m happy for me BUT … why does this have to be?  I know my answer.  And it’s probably similar to yours.  Marriage is a business with goals and rules to the game.  Those who don’t govern by the rules keep it on the lower level.  Please Family, elevate you Family Game and your Marriage Game to the level of these games you watch every season!!!  There is no way that I as a divorced Mother of 5 do more than 2 income homes.  Family!  Put yo heads together and soar!!!
Love y’all 💜🐝💜🐝💜🐝💜

Prepare Your Higher Self

I have worked very hard for recovery in many areas & so I teach these principles.  The VERY last thing I will entertain is messy connections.  I will observe you and even love you distantly.  So with love & respect to you, get your stuff together!  Close doors that are open!  There is a prepared place ONLY for those who have prepared.  That means if you live in the lower self, you cannot enjoy the benefits of the Higher self.  The Higher self perks are amazing and you need Higher self people to keep you afloat.   I am a Higher Self seeker …

This is not about any system of religion.   It is about YOU!


Why I Wrote Parachute Poem

I was asked what inspired me to write my most popular poem I Am A Parachute from my book, The Phoenix Awakens.   Enjoy!

Watch “Excerpt from my NEW book, The Phoenix Awakens … I’m A Parachute” on YouTube

Enjoy my excerpt from my NEW book, “The Phoenix Awakens “!  Please comment!

On Father’s Day

I find that Dads who are doing their Dad thing by providing, training, guiding through life, respecting the mother of their children, and nurturing for the advancement of their children have their reward.  Parents are as valuable as what they invest in their children.  You don’t have to bully people into saying “don’t say father’s day to your mother” if father is taking care of business.  I PROMISE!

Better yet, I would love to see all my Brothers encouraging their Brothers to be a valuable role of character and provision for their children.   Have a campaign to make a father’s investment as giving as a mother’s,  and I WILL JOIN!!!  Every year I see the same memes that change nothing.  It is a child’s role to acknowledge their relationship with their father.  FATHERS,  the ball is and will always be in your court … SERVE!!!!  Be amazing!!!
#MyStepDadLovedMe  #WhenBiogicalDidnt #ICallHimDaddy #CannotExpectChangeDoingTheSameThings


Transcend Ego Reality

One time I asked a wise women and she answered me using the word “ego concept”. I guess this morning was the right time for me to understand it. As it was given to me, realize this …

Even though in the some’s eyes, I missed the mark because of my children, I actually am validated in strength because of my children. People read into my post because of world standards and perceptual standards they have of me (or of themselves, hmmm). When in fact, I am the incubator, the gateway, the attender of the vines, the visionary, the waymaker, the glue, the Divine Mother. I am amazing! I can’t base my perception of myself to the standards of what I see or what concepts that feed ego and not hearts and mouths. My perception must be those things I listed that are true. Only true Eyes that see can appreciate and move with me accordingly. And that is why you must have 3 eyes to see over here! Or you’re gonna miss it!!!! Love y’all!!!!! ❤❤❤


Why Am I

One day I was thinking …
Why do I feel because of this situation I’m put in, I have to suffer?  The world is not void of riches, why am I?  The WORLD isn’t void of healthy relationships, why am I?  It was a transforming road … Then The Phoenix Awakens!!!!  Changed my life☥

THIS is why I need you to be thinkers!  Your solution is in you!  That’s book #2 and lecture series.  Love y’all! 💜💜💜