Plan On It!

Kevin Hart shared that a goal without a plan is simply a wish.  Within 4 days I received news that I had a financial entitlement, had to apply for graduation, my credit score was over 600, wrote 7 songs of my 6 song goal and I was emotionally and physically healthier than I had been in about 10 years.  Please realize that all these wonderful harvest were all the result of a plan that was implemented about 3 years ago.  Nothing just happens!  Even negative aspects creep up because of my choices not to deal with issues in the past.  Then we have third party and heartaches which are all distractions. But I have a plan to keep those down to a minimum and that is working too.  LOL  This is the way you make your life what you want it!  We must make steps now to made a successful journey tomorrow, there must be sowing of seed to reap a harvest! Good Morning Life Planners!


Heart Protection!

When you are having internal issue, at all cost deal with and resolve those issues. Whether it is inside of you or inside your home or your inner circle, this is your safe place, your nourishing place, and your support place. We must guard our heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. We must understand that 1) no one is going to do it for you 2) when our core places are discontent, it impairs other areas and 3) and it robs our peace and joy. But remember that to deal with it is a process as well. Allow yourself to walk yourself (I mean hold your own hand and pull) through why it happened, feel the feelings, and decide what is the best decision to bring you back to the peaceful place. All this is to help you not get your equilibrium upset again. We must learn the lesson for our own protection. Work through it, get your resolve, and stay behind your hedge!!! Good morning, Keep Your Breastplate In Place, Knight!!!

That’s Not Love

This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  While 1in 8 women are diagnosed with some type of breast cancer, 1 in 4 will experience domestic violence sometime in her life.  Sometimes it’s not a point of someone loving you sooo much. It could be that they are so possessive and controlling about you that they can’t fathom you not being under their control.  This is not God’s desire for you no matter who it is- parent, pimp, boyfriend, spouse, boss, etc. No one who loves you wants to hurt you … period.  This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!! Abuser uses fear and other controlling behaviors to gain power over his victim.  Domestic Violence starts at emotional and verbal and escalates to physical.  Even if you just talk to someone, GET HELP! Call 314.993.2777 Talking does help!!!

Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Know Both



Good morning, Let it flow!

My son ran 40 yards Saturday with the ball.  After the game, I ran down and he picked me up and twirled me on the track.  LOL When he got in the car, he was screaming. “Momma, did you see me? I …”  And I started screaming with him, “I told them jokers … what are y’all stopping my son for? …).  The smile that beam from his face was enough to make me remake that game all over again.   We just screamed and laughed the rest of the time.  I screamed, “I know, Baby, I was running with you”.  He gave me a thankful son look and said, “I know, Momma, I saw you running with me …”.  I could have cried right there because as a mother, I want nothing but happiness and fulfillment for my children.  The fact that he saw me running along side of him let him know that I’m with him, for him, behind him and pushing him.  These are the very attributes I display  on the field, in the house, at the school, and in the kitchen.  Today I am thankful that God’s Love flows through me for my children.  This love fulfills me and them.  Let it flow! Let it flow! Let it flow!

Happy Loc Anniversary!

Four years ago today I cut my hair all off to about 2 inches and started growing my locs.  It wasn’t my choice but the only one I felt I had.  But as I saw many pictures of strong women wearing this crown it became something beautiful for me in the mist of it all.  This was my first step of regaining myself.  It was like the first budding you see in the spring.  After that I began to blossom and evolve and I love it!!!  It is a growth and acceptance of self inside and out. Today, what can you do to begin the strengthening process to be the person created you to be.  Good morning, Budding Beauties!!!



A Parent’s Heart

To be a good mother or father, you don’t have to be smart, or have all the connections or be rich, but you definitely have to have a mother’s or father’s heart.  Common sense also known as wisdom is excellent in these cases.   It’s never about money, what you do for them, or what you allow them to get into despite.  It is what money can’t buy and what life makes you appreciate.  That means that you are instilling, protecting, supporting, etc. … all in love.  All else are fringe but the parental heart is MANDATORY.  We are not hireling parents, just here to do this “boss of your life” job.  We have a heart of interest in seeing you healthy, whole, prosperous, and being better than us in all areas.  Many times their needs are above your needs. That is the difference in the way children see their parents-  young and old.  Good morning Love Givers!!!

Get Through!

I’ve had an awesome week! God just kept blessing me after a crazy incident Saturday morning. I realized that I had to get through Saturday to get to Tuesday …. Let that sink in … When you are in a storm it seems as if it will not break, that it will not release you. I was living that event minute by minute with things racing through my mind and heart. I am glad that I didn’t react out of character because it would have been a horrible memory for my kids, made unhealthy levels in my body, and wore on my mind and emotions. I didn’t know that for the next 4 days God would show me “He got me” and would show me glimpses of my reward for my tenacity in the face of opposition. You see, it wasn’t about Saturday but making it to Tuesday. It was about the process and getting through to the blessed place. It was on the other side all the time, I just had to GET THROUGH. I had to get through Saturday like a boss to get to Tuesday and be a boss!!! Ahh Yeah!!! Good morning! Get Through to your blessed place!!!

I Got You!

I had a crazy Saturday morning with some drama queens in my life. I didn’t do much reacting but just in disbelief but not shocked at all. But the whole weekend God just kept blowing me kisses. My Aunt called and talked me through before it seeped in. God was saying to me “I got you.” Then I got home from church and a song just flowed from my lips within 10 mins. God was saying “It’s a distraction, don’t get cluttered, I got you.” Then I received a call on Monday night, reminding me not to forget a financial blessing I’M ENTITLED TO. God was like “I’ll take care of you, I got you.” An issue occured with a friend who quickly moved to repair it. God was saying “These relationships are the ones you need. I got you.” I had been fortified so much by God’s kisses, I went to bed in peace and love. This morning I receive an email reminding me to submit an Application for Degree form. I cried because of God’s love for me and He sees my efforts. God was letting me know that though people have tried years and years to make me as miserable as they are, stay clean, stay true to what He has purposed in my heart, HE GOT ME!! So YOU don’t get cluttered in your head or your heart and stay clean. Keep pressing toward the mark. They can’t get you unless you want to be got!! Good Morning, HE GOT YOU!!!!

Good Morning, Freedom Fighters!

You are unique! I can list several things about myself that I’d like to change. In all my self-badgering, I have to come to the acceptance that this is how it is and this is what it’s gon’ be! The truth is that you are wired beautifully and that no one in this world is like you. Though there are many who would like to change me to be what they want me to be, I have dedicated myself to being me. I don’t want to look like you, dress like you, live up to other’s expectations like you, or be striving for unattaninable perfection like you. I just want to be me. I want to do what God has crafted me to do. I want to love, respect, and honor Him. And people that love you being yourself are the people you want to live your life with. Otherwise, your life is stifled! Your creativity doesn’t flow, your heart is not fulfilled, you will never have that adventure that takes you higher, you’ll never live that passion God put in you. You are a caged bird, feathers clipped, singing, dreaming , and wishing of the freedom! The right people that see your value are waiting to engage with you. I’m so living this!!! Good morning Freedom Fighters! Fight to stay free!

Press, Run, Soar …

I remember feeling so down trodden but no matter what, I was going to live by God’s values and teach them to my children.  After it all came down, it showed me that those were my values not everyone else’s.  So today I was thinking about how I was able to hold all that together to a standard and carry on.  Despite it all … today I realized … I’M STRONGER THAN I THINK!  Whitney has a song I love…

called “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength”.  I’m not just strong to war with you (hate fighting) but strong to withstand, press, and soar.  I bet this is you too!!! I know it is!!!  Good morning!! Remember … you are stronger than you think!  NOT to deal with obstacles but to press through them, get a running start, and SOAR …