Change Your Mind!!!

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Excited for US!

I am so excited about what God is doing in the lives of my friends!!! It’s like we have all suffered so long and no matter what it looked like on the outside, we have hung on to God. I was talking to one of my besties and she wanted me to say that I was excited for US. She went to explain how though God was opening financial doors for them, He continues to do the same for me. OK then … US! I …

am so excited about God’s love and concern for our emotional and financial well-being!!!! Our journey has been long, year after year after year. And I thank God for this beautiful season of watching His Glory blossom. Thanking God in advance for one more praise report this week. Good morning and know if you are not in your blessing season, one is on the way!!!!!!

Rushing Motion

Ok now that was crazy! This was the craziest school morning in the last 3 years! Can’t find things, crying (OMG meticulous ones), a 10 yr old screaming can you help me put on my shirt (with my help took 5 mins, crazy constructed shirt), someone took it upon themselves to dress himself (didn’t I put that shirt in the trash, Mom, I got it out! What!), running out the door, and throwing fruit snacks …

like running a play in football, etc. Whew! Now I can breathe … I will apply the Mommy pressure for organization tonight but sitting here … it was a lil crazy kind of fun! When it’s crazy, keep it positive, make a plan & work the plan, chalk it up as a creative way that God help you get it together, and laugh about it! Good morning y’all!!

Welcome To Our New Home!

This blog, alternatively known as , is ready to make you laugh, think, and fly with weekday encouragement.  I am so excited to be back!  See ya Monday!!!