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If you’ve written your work, printing is the next step.  Use the step by step guide to printing your masterpiece!

Graduation And Family

I 💙💖💚💚💙 my children!!!  I have fought a lot and overcome great obstacles these last 6 years and this picture makes me sooo proud!!!

My photographer is better than yours!! *dancing* Love me some @arousedbyart!!!  #KoiNikole


Take My Phone

I am so powerful within, passionate about my Divine, and undistracted that you can not only go through my phone, but have it and call everyone in it!  You ain’t ready!

It’s all about your power over self, accountability, and refusing to usurp your own happiness and building power. And success is all my dreams consist of. 

Clean those chicken bones off your plate and experience fullness!!!  Strength awaits you guys!  Love y’all!

Sowing Tare Kills

Many don’t have the opportunity to have 2 custodial parents but the important thing is to be surrounded by love, motivation,  and direction.   But when there is an ex, aunt, mother, or the like steering your children against your direction, they will revolt even if you give them all the resources and love you can.  So even though the perpetrator is happy they won, they just destroyed moral fabric and foundation of a budding success story.  Just like in your life, you have to stay away from people negative to your growth to reach your potential,  we have to do this for our children. Then the child’s momentum is delayed or thwarted just like the one sowing the tare. 

Hindsight 20/20

-Koi Nikole

Happy Mommy Day

This is to ALL of us!  Being a woman and trying to keep everyone’s life in order while trying to stay afloat in yours is commendable if I say so myself!  Where would the world be without you?!?!  Un-existent … unborn …and in chaos LOL  Happy Mother’s Day!


Mommy Day Morning

My Little Loves blessed me with A call, hand picked flowers (💖💓 but someone’s missing a bush LOL), breakfast, Hershey Kisses, a forever bouquet,  Keychain, 2 100% papers, poetry,  and a beautiful 3D card with a symbolic whale!  Mothering is not easy but they are the motivation for each accomplishment hence I must do great things!!!


Watch “Ancestors (Grandma) Watching Over Me” on YouTube

Answer The Phone

My biggest pet peeve is ..
When people don’t answer or return calls!  Personal or professional!

Why?  Because it’s about being considerate and valuing your connections.  If you can converse with people at any time of the day and cannot return a phone call from someone you know, you’re imbalanced. Even random people have more priority than people you chose, trying to connect with you!  With my schedule I stay responding because I value relationships.  Even if I thought you were the greatest, you just got demoted!  Why? Because our connection had no value and now for me, it’s worthless!  Only connect with those that find you worth it!!!!! 💙💙💙

Royals Cover

Some club, well I karaoke.  Its my own personal “Cheers” where everyone knows my name.  My KJ has come from behind the turntable and is making my phone recording a cinema masterpiece … I guess LOL

Here is one of my favorite to sing, Royal!  Of course, I love those beats!  Do things you love! Enjoy!

I am covering this song and do not own its rights.

I Made Lemonade

Lemonade … An artistic poetic, visual collaboration pulling all of the senses to experience this road I’ve been on. I was actually submerged for over 10 years, going through that same mantra … until I was free, as I write, “the dam broke …”. Only to feel many of these again … There are parts that are questionable, yet true, yet powerful, yet in me. I couldn’t connect with all the songs or images but I could with all the poetry. This writer drew every woman into this project. As a fellow writer, I want to meet Warsan Shire some day!!!! This is why my book is so important!!!!! Love … I made #lemonade #KoiNikole #Oshun #Beyonce #WarsanShire #Warsan #Shire