Life After

Allow people to grieve however and what part they felt they lost.  It doesn’t matter what you think of me only who I touched.  Whether you wanted me to be your religion or live the life you finally started living is irrelevant.  You WILL know that I am a trophy, a testimony, light, and a healer.  Many artist have held my hand, walked life, and taught me things my mother didn’t.  And I will do the same!!!!  It’s OK that an artist was woven his threads into your life … That is art … That is life … It is that phenomenal gift of artistry transcending … Life After

And another thing, art lives beyond life so he will always be with us.
Divinely Reigning … Prince, The Artist



Prince Reigning

Prince has returned to our ancestors yet a lively part of ourselves … Thank you writer, musician, singer, creative artist, business man, entrepreneur, performer, road paver, memory maker, humanitarian. philanthropist, activist, conscious Brother and more …😘

Punch A Higher Floor!!!!!  💜💜💜


He Will Find Me

Someone asked me what kind of men I like.  This is what man needs to find me …

1 – You have to understand the goddess value of a woman.  If not, you’ll miss my value in your life and in my life.
2 – He has to have similar interest and vision for family and our lives.  If I have to entertain myself, I’ll just be by myself.  Having a partner doing things together makes hot memories and lots of them. 
3 – Don’t bore me.  Don’t be detached.  Have plenty of initiative.  I love truth and honesty.  Be one of integrity I can respect.  A man who makes choices I can trust is sexy!! No aggression.
4 – One that I can glean wisdom from.  Inspire me by your fire.  Be smart & cause me to be better.
5 – Financially, I refuse to be any place I’ve already overcome.  I’ve laid my ground work, I’m building & enjoying
6 – My appeal is beyond sexual, so should yours be …

And by the way, EVERY 1 of these I reciprocate! I ask for what I give!!!!


Awakened Bracelet

Awake Divine frequencies and wear your reminder of your Awakened Roar!  This bracelet was design by yours truly, Koi Nikole, with a butterfly, ankh, heart, rose quartz, and amethyst.  It is to remind us of our transforming strength, life after devastation, love, self-love, and intuition.  Every one of these have been very strategic in my road of awakening to recovering my highest self and best life.  Empower someone today with my testimony and this bracelet, today!

The amazing “Awakened Roar” bracelets are $20.  Part of the proceeds go to putting our empowerment book in shelters.  Place your order today!!!   Be Transformed. Living. And Loved.


Wayward Teens

If you are a mother like me, It is devastating when you sow so much into your children and all your sacrifice seems like it was for NOTHING, I can personally relate … especially because someone is sowing weeds while your sowing seeds (another story).

In the moments, you question so much, relive so much, and regret all the rules for making the perfect child that you obviously thought you were keeping.

First, rest your heart if you have been planting and shaping the whole time.  Know that they have their own testimony to overcome.  You better find out what tough love means just to keep your sanity!  Your love for your child keeps it on your mind but both of you can’t be losing your mind!  LOL

From your Sister, rest your heart and mind and trust the Divine.  Good day, Overcomers!


Long Time Coming

When I told my brother/cousin, Joel T., I bought my new, cool truck, he said, “It’s been a long time coming …”. 

I hear him in my head when I need a reminder that it’s no time to slack, pressing has its rewards!  It also makes me emotional because I know the struggle of my 6 year evolution and the damage of the years before. 

Now you make that crazy #$%& your launchpad and get up outta there!!!!  Even when I had nothing, I mean NOTHING, but peace, that too, was a long time coming!

Be great!  Good morning Overcomers!


Input Makes Output

You are everything that you take in your eyes & ears.  You take in other’s energy and mindset.  Only take in what promotes self-love and brings you to your HIGHER self!  Be selective …


Quietly Watching

A quick poem that flowed out of my experience for today!

I’m usually just watching …
Allowing you to do your slickness
and your quickness …
So I can make sure I didn’t miss this
When I dismiss this
I wish you were smarter

-Koi Nikole


They Love Me

Fire Roar

I’ve got the Eye of the Tiger
Dancing in the fire
‘Cause I am a Champion
And your gonna hear me ROAR!