Peppered Whispers

We must remember the little things that have made us push when we didn’t feel like it or see why. Yes there are some big things that really rocked our worlds and changed us. I didn’t have much training about life, but I did have wise, compassionate woman peppered in my life to help me at times. I really wish I had one there when I was getting married! LOL Even though I didn’t, some did come to help me through and even now to keep me focused and away from harm. Though I would have liked to not have gone through anything … the Faithfulness of God has brought me through everything. Look … and look closely at the little things that are and have kept you together, and be thankful. Without these little whispers, you would probably not be as far as you are now. Yes, I’m talking about the loving aunt with the right word at the right time. Or the school counselor that help you set up everything for college. Or the sister that took over when you figured your mother wasn’t going to do right by you. Or the mother at the church when you didn’t know where to go. Or the friend who knew more about men than you ever would. God puts people in our lives as His whispers. You will know when they are … and when they are NOT! LOL Don’t forget to be listen for His whisper the most!!!

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