Plan On It!

Kevin Hart shared that a goal without a plan is simply a wish.  Within 4 days I received news that I had a financial entitlement, had to apply for graduation, my credit score was over 600, wrote 7 songs of my 6 song goal and I was emotionally and physically healthier than I had been in about 10 years.  Please realize that all these wonderful harvest were all the result of a plan that was implemented about 3 years ago.  Nothing just happens!  Even negative aspects creep up because of my choices not to deal with issues in the past.  Then we have third party and heartaches which are all distractions. But I have a plan to keep those down to a minimum and that is working too.  LOL  This is the way you make your life what you want it!  We must make steps now to made a successful journey tomorrow, there must be sowing of seed to reap a harvest! Good Morning Life Planners!


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