Please Dad Come Home

Yesterday about 7am I saw a husband’s things were at the front door. I said to myself “another man that didn’t come home last night …” At 12 noon it was still there which means this father wasn’t home yet. The child saw my daughter outside & vented her wishes for her Mon and Dad.

At that point I cried for my situation and their’s … for a stressed and scared little girl and a crying wife and mother, and faithful companion … All me. Men have all the love, committed, glue, and oil to keep it working even when the home is broken. I prayed for the brother & all brothers to please open their eyes and hearts to those who are committed to and depend in their love. I pray that God would mend the hearts of the Mommies and their baby girls. I pray that the young men watching that behavior choose a better life for he and his. God, I ask God have His might hand on me and my babies … And you too!

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