Protect Loving Hearts

GuardYourHeartMany times, as loving people, we want to be loved in the same way.  Many people we deal with don’t love the same way  or don’t have the vast capacity of love that we do. So the bad news is this … Love may not be reciprocated the way you give it.

Many times I have been stabbed in my back and the injuries made callous for a while but then my true nature would surface.  So now I figured that was because I was covering with my heart and not truly learning with my head.  In order to stay this loving way, I realize that I have to protect this fountain.  We cannot always judge motives and hindsight not foresight is 20/20.

So handle everyone in a way that gives but will protect your loving heart.  That way you can be thrilled about the real, and comforted to learn about the fake.  You are not so devastated because you have protected your heart.  And be ok if someone slips past.  Ask yourself, “how did I miss that?” and only think about the fun you had.  The Most High doesn’t need you to be a sacrifice but an instrument of Love.

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