Re-label Your Life & Heal

I learned from Debbie Ford that no event in your life has any power over your life or YOU unless YOU give it to it.  Selah

With that being said, I have several events in my life that I didn’t think I could find the good but I have come to believe that those experiences have made me better at choosing my environment, people, and propelling my determination.  Because I believe that bad things happen to jolt us back to the right order of destiny, we have some figuring to do.  What did that hurt deliver you from or to?  Who can you be an advocate and teacher for?  What do you do different now?  Re-labeling the event will help you to release the hurt and heal? Not to get hurt again but to heal and heal someone else!! Do you see how strong you are that you’ve never recognized before?    There’s so much healing to be done in you and through you!  Good morning, you Balms of Gilead!!!

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