Run It Like That

Vent~~ What does run the house mean? And if you are engaged with your home and the duties thereof 7%of the time, who is running it?   I hear words like subordinate, obey, etc. Which usually follows the mindset I can do whatever I want and you can do whatever I say. 

We need to sit down and understand what is the Most High’s desired end result.  It is safety, healthiness, happiness, pure love, untainted love, being faithful, protection emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  If this is your mindset, your good thing has already crowned you King and is happy about it.  Yes, run it like THAT!  Abuse is all about control and the Most High doesn’t even do that. 

But Brothers & Sisters if we work with the Most High combining His power & wisdom with our faith and action.  We can conquer anything.  So does the man who understands her Divineness … And when he does he shows his Divineness … And she happily crowns him her King!!!!!


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