Rushing Motion

Ok now that was crazy! This was the craziest school morning in the last 3 years! Can’t find things, crying (OMG meticulous ones), a 10 yr old screaming can you help me put on my shirt (with my help took 5 mins, crazy constructed shirt), someone took it upon themselves to dress himself (didn’t I put that shirt in the trash, Mom, I got it out! What!), running out the door, and throwing fruit snacks …

like running a play in football, etc. Whew! Now I can breathe … I will apply the Mommy pressure for organization tonight but sitting here … it was a lil crazy kind of fun! When it’s crazy, keep it positive, make a plan & work the plan, chalk it up as a creative way that God help you get it together, and laugh about it! Good morning y’all!!

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