A friend of mine and I were talking about how it seems that you have to bypass, go through, grow through, or learn things before you get to the prize. This understanding helps you to let go of relationships more easily if necessary and to be ok when things don’t work as planned. I graduated in June and was anticipating gainful employment soon after. It didn’t work like that. Children’s dad stopped paying child support, bills started piling, trying to keep normal life for my children, stressed but trying to not miss a beat. But I knew enough to know that I’d been through hard times before and I was obviously still here.

All the while I was still giving myself. While listening to my tablet on random, a song came on by Donald Lawrence called Seasons. Then it dawned on me. Though we are praying, because there are other people and situations involved, it has to all come together. Sometimes you have to get turned down to press for the better blessing. Sometimes you have to wait until the position opens up. Sometimes that person needs more healing before you can even be friends. Sometimes you need a little more polish so this one will stick. I would not have met the people or know of or be able to have such great relationships 4 years ago. So let’s breathe and know that it may not be in a minute … He may not come when you want Him … but He’s always on time. He will line it up. And when the door is open, no one can close it … especially when you’ve walked into your season …

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