She Called You …. Help Her

MEN if your woman is stranded, go get her. If your woman has car trouble, go see about her. Whether she is your woman, your mother, or your sister go and make sure she is ok. Never act like “Ugghh” or it’s a bother. Even if you’re not paying for it, your presence is important. See if she is shaken up, if she needs to eat, if she needs to talk, if she needs to run to the store, will she be able to get to work! It is the right thing to do!

I sadly know men that will not do for women and children and only worry about their comfort. You will see it in the way the care for their children, treat their children’s mother, and how they make decisions. Not instinctively walking in manhood..

Brothers should know that if you don’t help your women, your mothers, your sisters, your neighbors, your daughters … no one else will … You are your sister’s keeper!!!!!

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