Stepping Stones

It’s always interesting when people try to talk down about me to my kids. “Yo momma was singing at this place” You would really think I’m doing something phenomenal with all that press!! LOL I am not them, chasing waterfallsMy children come right home, tell me, and vent their disdain for this person(s). My children understand (at their level) my passion for singing, life, for them, and to secure our future. Core-wise I have not changed. Though I give explanations so that my children will know why choices need to be made in their own journey, I will to my own self be true. So when they compliment me and act like their on my side, I say thank you and keep on moving. While my son shakes their heads and my daughter cuts her eyes. I tell them, “Always smile, and be glad you know the truth about who you’re dealing with.”

Use these situations to bond with your child and give them light to your wisdom. That way they can began to spot who is really best for them and how to react when they encounter this personally. As you share your beliefs in this non-threatening way, your child begins to rise up and judge their own actions more maturely. And don’t take it so personal because it is a stepping stone in your favor. But there will probably be a need to tell the other person that condescending behavior isn’t appropriate. You don’t have to say anything about them, their actions speak very loud to your children already. Many times it is because they want you to be miserable like them or they feel empowered when they are putting others down. If this communication is open with you and your child, it will benefit other areas. What the enemy meant for evil, God works out for good. That’s why no matter how defeated it looks, keep working the good in each situation! Use all negativity as motivation and stepping stones …

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