Sweet Sleep

I would like to thank God for BEING ABLE to lay down last night in peace. I thank God for KNOWING a secure place to lay my head. I thank Him for SUPPLYING a secure place. I thank Him for being free from worry, fear, anxiety, oppression, depression, insomnia, etc. when I laid down last night. I remember asking a lady at work to teach me how to sew so that I occupy my mind at night. I would so until I would fall asleep at the table. Praying at night didn’t help because my mind would always wonder back to the source of the anxiety. I have found meditating and severing ties with negative people. Oh you don’t know how much I thank God for just peace of mind to go to sleep and strength and hope when I wake up. Love you Big Daddy!!!! Good Morning, God’s Sons and Daughters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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