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My testimony: My Big Daddy

This me, Koi, sharing my testimony through my poem My Big Daddy.  I wrote the poem July 19, 2014, a week prior- performed July 25, 2014.  This was my 1st time spitting poetry at open mic.  Be encouraged!  

The Teacher Within

My motherhood is a vert precious thing to me.  It is always a reminder of God’s grace DESPITE …  Trying to pull it all together, learning as I go, loving all the way, and keeping the right heart.  It reminds me God can do and teach us anything we don’t know if you want to know.  Even if you don’t have an example … the Teacher is in you and near you … Seek after knowledge and apply …

What I DO Know Is …

A person got hysterical on me the other day out of overwhelming confusion on doctrines and other religions. She’s hearing this here and that over there. I told her to just calm down and work on this if nothing else … get this solid first … Though you may not understand everything … God loves you & is LOVE. God wants you to talk to Him. God wants to talk to you. God wants you to live in communion with […]

Don’t Stuff Or Numb

Many times we have stuffed our feelings or are so numb to them that we can withstand anything. That sounds great, huh? Actually we are like shaken soda bottles about the burst the top or frozen numb bottles that just burst the glass in the freezer. Our feelings let us know when something is right and when something is wrong. Many times I functioned in a pseudo-faith, survival mode (made that name up LOL). But I was like a martyr […]

Never Fear The Threats

People will use manipulation in relationships to have you on pins and needles (that is actually emotional abuse). And will use threats as a means of control even afterwards. In the end, the person seems to do what you most feared at the beginning. Working so hard to make it not happen, whatever IT is … happens. Many times it happens not because of you but because they made a decision for it to happen. Then you think about all […]

Hear No Evil … Be Not Entangled

Sometimes we want people to pay for what they did to us. We listen to others talk about them and watch for their destruction. What I’ve learned is that the abuser is paying but you are too. The more information you collect, the more you keep it all alive in YOUR life. All the stuff you find out or others share with you the more your keep the life of entanglement alive. You will never get out of the web […]

They Cannot/Will Not Help You

Know that some religions and religious organizations CANNOT help you because they employ the same tactics as the psychological (emotional) abuser. The same WILL NOT help you because their teachings foster, breed, and promote such treatment. You’ll go nuts trying to get this God to love and accept you. But when you escape that bondage, you realize His love and acceptance set you free! I’ve seen people trapped, imprisoned, and committed to institutions trying to live this supposedly “God way” […]

The Choice Is Yours

Sometimes we need to elevate our minds. Not only was I in a controlling/manipulative relationship but even my unchecked submission to church guidelines, just furthered oppression. I could blame the ex and the church because it caused a lot of pain and wasted years. After pinpointing the problems and issues that kept me in such a state and dealing with the healing thereof, I began to see that I gave away my power of self. The truth is that there […]

Step It Up

Today, let’s think about stepping up to the next level. In your career, in your parenting, in your dream, in your hobbie, in you love life, in your relationships step up the quality for the best possible gain. I had to recognize that quietness has to be restored in my home, so I have to step up my game of more rigid discipline. I may have to map out my dream more clearly so that I can take a couple […]

Insecurities At Work

Sisters and Brothers … EVERYONE has insecurities!! *applause* Sometimes it seems that we thought we were the only ones. Or sometimes we forget that we have them too. Your insecurities are the main reason you do not progress in many areas. It is not your skill level. It is not your knowledge content. It is not your daddy or the neighborhood you grew up in. If it is any of those, it is only how they affected your insecurities. How […]