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Don’t Give Up or Give In

I wish I could just tell every noncustodial parent to do all you can to stay connected to your children and be an example of the exemplary person you want them to be. Do whatever you can to stay connected by helping financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This little person has been given to you, not as a pawn but as protege of every facet of life. If you really love this young person, always do what is in THEIR […]

Domestic Violence Awareness Event 10/27 STL

Support Domestic Violence Awareness Month!!!! Check into our event on the Facebook page listed to the left of this blog. Thanks in advance!!!!!

Never Fear The Threats

People will use manipulation in relationships to have you on pins and needles (that is actually emotional abuse). And will use threats as a means of control even afterwards. In the end, the person seems to do what you most feared at the beginning. Working so hard to make it not happen, whatever IT is … happens. Many times it happens not because of you but because they made a decision for it to happen. Then you think about all […]

BE Life & Blessing

If your words as well as your actions create karma (and they really do have power) choose to speak life and blessing to everyone … for it is your world that you affect. You bring nourishment, health, good vibes, and good relationships to your own world. These words have a boomerang effect but more importantly what kind of heart did they originate from? Yes we must watch our words but we must watch our hearts and mindsets. The words are […]

Hear No Evil … Be Not Entangled

Sometimes we want people to pay for what they did to us. We listen to others talk about them and watch for their destruction. What I’ve learned is that the abuser is paying but you are too. The more information you collect, the more you keep it all alive in YOUR life. All the stuff you find out or others share with you the more your keep the life of entanglement alive. You will never get out of the web […]

They Cannot/Will Not Help You

Know that some religions and religious organizations CANNOT help you because they employ the same tactics as the psychological (emotional) abuser. The same WILL NOT help you because their teachings foster, breed, and promote such treatment. You’ll go nuts trying to get this God to love and accept you. But when you escape that bondage, you realize His love and acceptance set you free! I’ve seen people trapped, imprisoned, and committed to institutions trying to live this supposedly “God way” […]

Insecurities At Work

Sisters and Brothers … EVERYONE has insecurities!! *applause* Sometimes it seems that we thought we were the only ones. Or sometimes we forget that we have them too. Your insecurities are the main reason you do not progress in many areas. It is not your skill level. It is not your knowledge content. It is not your daddy or the neighborhood you grew up in. If it is any of those, it is only how they affected your insecurities. How […]

Build up not tear down

I am reminded of the benefits of speaking to entreat not attack, to educate not to point fingers, to elevate all not just yourself … speak the truth in love. There’s scripture that says from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I’ve seen this scripture used so out of context it’s crazy. But I guarantee that when your heart is right, you will speak the right things. And even if you speak it wrong, the position of your […]

Be Yourself!

Last night I saw my son’s actions and I told him to meet me in my room. I sternly sat my middle son down on my bed and said, “If I see you acting like your brothers or sister ever again, you will be in BIG TROUBLE! If I see you acting like anyone else, you will REALLY be in BIG TROUBLE. If you don’t know who you are, you’d better find out. Because AGAIN if I see you acting […]

Thankful for Awareness

I am thankful today because awareness encompasses your understanding and your future. I am thankful for seeing abundance around me, but I am so thankful for the understanding of situations and being able to see myself in a promoted place. When our eyes are really opened to a situation, you are more likely to propel from that place and not return. You see the correct way of doing things and even the more beneficial way of doing things. When this […]