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I Made Lemonade

Lemonade … An artistic poetic, visual collaboration pulling all of the senses to experience this road I’ve been on. I was actually submerged for over 10 years, going through that same mantra … until I was free, as I write, “the dam broke …”. Only to feel many of these again … There are parts that are questionable, yet true, yet powerful, yet in me. I couldn’t connect with all the songs or images but I could with all the […]

Put Awakened In Shelters All Over

Please share our campaign with everyone! We would like a book in everyone of the 1,600+ shelters around the nation!!!  Thanks in advance!!!! Please support and share this link          

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Don’t Give Up or Give In

I wish I could just tell every noncustodial parent to do all you can to stay connected to your children and be an example of the exemplary person you want them to be. Do whatever you can to stay connected by helping financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This little person has been given to you, not as a pawn but as protege of every facet of life. If you really love this young person, always do what is in THEIR […]

Do The Right Thing

Today it’s simple … Always do the right thing with the right heart … A little bit ago someone tried to GET me. They tried to bring misfortune to my house. Instead of going back and forth, tit for tat, I decided that this was the fire to get my ducks in a row. So while I’m excited about moving beyond in a way that that situation couldn’t touch me, the Most High was doing His thing. Come to find […]


This morning I was thinking about how I wanted to send 12 dozen roses to my ex and thank him for bringing me down to $0 and homeless. Looking at where I’ve been in relation to where I’m going, is surreal! (And yes you can call me “Fithy”) It’s been a pushing time, a pressing time, a crying time, a determined time, a triumphant time. If I was not in that situation I would not have strived and achieved anything […]

Windows Of Heaven

I love it when the Windows of Heaven are open for me and mine! Sometimes your hardship is a set up to show you what (& WHO) you may not pay attention to when the Window is open, Baby! See God knows I will get complacent and disengaged with that over there. But I WILL attend to it … and the Window will STILL open!! Not even THAT can stop or block Ms. Nikole!! Cuz don’t no monkey stop no […]

My Legacy

Sometimes you have to write a vision and make plain of what your real goals are … what are you trying to emulate to the world. Some don’t even realize they are leaving a legacy … of abuse, brokenness, defeat, failed spirituality, impoverished thinking, lack, no recovery, victimization, unhealthy homes, poor parenting and leadership… While I do believe that my message will reach national exposure, I am sure to plant my seeds, first, at home, in surrounding areas then to […]

Comfort For My Dad’s Heart

Please pray for my Daddy in the passing of his mother, my grandmother. Please pray for my aunts and uncles. We loved our grandmother but there is something about your mother transitioning … who really loved you and who you really loved … that hurts my heart for my Daddy. Lord please comfort and love on him where I can’t and don’t know to. Give him strength and renew his mind and vision. Hide my Daddy in Your secret place […]

Please Dad Come Home

Yesterday about 7am I saw a husband’s things were at the front door. I said to myself “another man that didn’t come home last night …” At 12 noon it was still there which means this father wasn’t home yet. The child saw my daughter outside & vented her wishes for her Mon and Dad. At that point I cried for my situation and their’s … for a stressed and scared little girl and a crying wife and mother, and […]