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Don’t Give Up or Give In

I wish I could just tell every noncustodial parent to do all you can to stay connected to your children and be an example of the exemplary person you want them to be. Do whatever you can to stay connected by helping financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This little person has been given to you, not as a pawn but as protege of every facet of life. If you really love this young person, always do what is in THEIR […]

Do The Right Thing

Today it’s simple … Always do the right thing with the right heart … A little bit ago someone tried to GET me. They tried to bring misfortune to my house. Instead of going back and forth, tit for tat, I decided that this was the fire to get my ducks in a row. So while I’m excited about moving beyond in a way that that situation couldn’t touch me, the Most High was doing His thing. Come to find […]

The Teacher Within

My motherhood is a vert precious thing to me.  It is always a reminder of God’s grace DESPITE …  Trying to pull it all together, learning as I go, loving all the way, and keeping the right heart.  It reminds me God can do and teach us anything we don’t know if you want to know.  Even if you don’t have an example … the Teacher is in you and near you … Seek after knowledge and apply …


This morning I was thinking about how I wanted to send 12 dozen roses to my ex and thank him for bringing me down to $0 and homeless. Looking at where I’ve been in relation to where I’m going, is surreal! (And yes you can call me “Fithy”) It’s been a pushing time, a pressing time, a crying time, a determined time, a triumphant time. If I was not in that situation I would not have strived and achieved anything […]

No Place To Grow

In the last 4 years I have learned a lot about me.  New and hidden passions and talents have blossomed.  It’s not just I didn’t know my own strength but I didn’t even know what I liked or really needed (dealing with controlling people will do that).  After talking with a friend I realized that even musically the place we were, allowed us no room to grow.  My vocal ability was stronger then but we had no place to grow.  […]

Lying Regardless

I talked to my grandmother on Sunday afternoon. After a few minutes she said, “You had any martinis today?” So I asked her why would she say that. Because she is in her late 80s, it was apparent to me that this was from someone else and I wanted to know who. They begin to fill my grandmother with lies about taverns, drinking, not caring for my kids, and men. While I hadn’t talked to them or my grandmother, they […]

They Cannot/Will Not Help You

Know that some religions and religious organizations CANNOT help you because they employ the same tactics as the psychological (emotional) abuser. The same WILL NOT help you because their teachings foster, breed, and promote such treatment. You’ll go nuts trying to get this God to love and accept you. But when you escape that bondage, you realize His love and acceptance set you free! I’ve seen people trapped, imprisoned, and committed to institutions trying to live this supposedly “God way” […]

Follow Through

I read a study about Netflix that stated if you have to make a choice between eating carrots or cake a week from now, you would choose carrots. It also revealed that if the cake is presented in marketing a week later instead of eating the carrots you will choose the cake. For the same reason, candy is put at checkout counters and are never on shopping list (but they have to be sold). Marketers know this when they are […]

Caught Between

Many survivors want the pain to end not the relationship. In most cases it is both or neither. That means it will not stop until you stop it. If you know a person in this place, be a creative resource for what they need for building confidence and self-sufficiency. This may not be a hard decision for you but it is for this person because of what they value, the history of fear that has been planted, and the erosion […]

The Choice Is Yours

Sometimes we need to elevate our minds. Not only was I in a controlling/manipulative relationship but even my unchecked submission to church guidelines, just furthered oppression. I could blame the ex and the church because it caused a lot of pain and wasted years. After pinpointing the problems and issues that kept me in such a state and dealing with the healing thereof, I began to see that I gave away my power of self. The truth is that there […]