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The Choice Is Yours

Sometimes we need to elevate our minds. Not only was I in a controlling/manipulative relationship but even my unchecked submission to church guidelines, just furthered oppression. I could blame the ex and the church because it caused a lot of pain and wasted years. After pinpointing the problems and issues that kept me in such a state and dealing with the healing thereof, I began to see that I gave away my power of self. The truth is that there […]

Free Your Mind

One day I read a quote that said, “if you’re not happy with your life, change your religion”. It made me think about my beliefs, it’s purpose, and it’s affects on my life. It may seems blasphemous at first but soon, it will make you look at God’s expectations vs. imposed expectations- from you or others. It was a good prompter. I am convinced, and always have been, that God absolutely loves me and wants His best for me. But […]

Let Them Heal …

When someone chooses not to resolve things like or in the time period you wish, do not press them. No one is to say the healing process that that person needs to be an asset to that relationship. You don’t know how that actually affected that person and to what depth is the relationship broken to them. Should we draw things out loger? No. But the pain they feel is very real to them and needs healing. Maybe you should […]

Our Vote Counts

Yesterday my elementary children voted at school. So this morning I bought donuts and sparkling to celebrate. We toasted a commitment to pray, I explained in more detail electoral votes, and we “bottoms up” the understanding that our voice counts! I love teachable moments. Sorry about the sugar high Ms. Teacher!