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Put Awakened In Shelters All Over

Please share our campaign with everyone! We would like a book in everyone of the 1,600+ shelters around the nation!!!  Thanks in advance!!!! Please support and share this link          


This morning I was thinking about how I wanted to send 12 dozen roses to my ex and thank him for bringing me down to $0 and homeless. Looking at where I’ve been in relation to where I’m going, is surreal! (And yes you can call me “Fithy”) It’s been a pushing time, a pressing time, a crying time, a determined time, a triumphant time. If I was not in that situation I would not have strived and achieved anything […]

Windows Of Heaven

I love it when the Windows of Heaven are open for me and mine! Sometimes your hardship is a set up to show you what (& WHO) you may not pay attention to when the Window is open, Baby! See God knows I will get complacent and disengaged with that over there. But I WILL attend to it … and the Window will STILL open!! Not even THAT can stop or block Ms. Nikole!! Cuz don’t no monkey stop no […]

Be Better Than Before

Everything that is planted today will harvest in next years. Everything that was planted in the last 4 years is harvesting right now … in our lives. Many people go through life existing and not planting. So they don’t really see any difference because there was no new harvest. Sometimes it actually becomes worse because there is no new harvest and the ground is being stripped of the nutrients that carry from year to year. Get a goal and plant […]

Please Dad Come Home

Yesterday about 7am I saw a husband’s things were at the front door. I said to myself “another man that didn’t come home last night …” At 12 noon it was still there which means this father wasn’t home yet. The child saw my daughter outside & vented her wishes for her Mon and Dad. At that point I cried for my situation and their’s … for a stressed and scared little girl and a crying wife and mother, and […]

What I DO Know Is …

A person got hysterical on me the other day out of overwhelming confusion on doctrines and other religions. She’s hearing this here and that over there. I told her to just calm down and work on this if nothing else … get this solid first … Though you may not understand everything … God loves you & is LOVE. God wants you to talk to Him. God wants to talk to you. God wants you to live in communion with […]

When My Abuser Is Nice …

I just need to interrupt this music break after reading a few things … Every abuser is on his best behavior when there is a 3rd party involved or when he wants get back in place with the original program. This way the third party will verify that the abuser is a perfect gentleman and your crazy. Of course, he doesn’t want you to go, THEN WHO WOULD HE HAVE TO CONTROL & MAKE HIM FEEL MORE POWERFUL? Umm … […]

BE Life & Blessing

If your words as well as your actions create karma (and they really do have power) choose to speak life and blessing to everyone … for it is your world that you affect. You bring nourishment, health, good vibes, and good relationships to your own world. These words have a boomerang effect but more importantly what kind of heart did they originate from? Yes we must watch our words but we must watch our hearts and mindsets. The words are […]

Visitation & The Abuser

Sadly, even though the control, manipulation, and abuse stopped for you, it doesn’t stop for the children that have visitation. Many times their eyes don’t see (like yours didn’t) and they will be the same pawns. They are walking on the same eggshells trying not to rock the same boat. They are being withheld from the same and blamed the same. And sadly, they are trying to fix it the same way we did. But they can’t. Codependency and unhealthy […]

Not Ready For Toxicity

A friend of mine asked me yesterday had I been in contact with a person that is toxic in my life. The answer is no. Many people think that because you are related that you need to just come together. I feel because we are related you should treat me right. And maybe since you don’t treat me right, are we in fact related other than by blood? There are a lot of incestual abuse (sexual, emotional, physical, etc.) This […]