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Don’t Give Up or Give In

I wish I could just tell every noncustodial parent to do all you can to stay connected to your children and be an example of the exemplary person you want them to be. Do whatever you can to stay connected by helping financially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. This little person has been given to you, not as a pawn but as protege of every facet of life. If you really love this young person, always do what is in THEIR […]

Do The Right Thing

Today it’s simple … Always do the right thing with the right heart … A little bit ago someone tried to GET me. They tried to bring misfortune to my house. Instead of going back and forth, tit for tat, I decided that this was the fire to get my ducks in a row. So while I’m excited about moving beyond in a way that that situation couldn’t touch me, the Most High was doing His thing. Come to find […]

BE Life & Blessing

If your words as well as your actions create karma (and they really do have power) choose to speak life and blessing to everyone … for it is your world that you affect. You bring nourishment, health, good vibes, and good relationships to your own world. These words have a boomerang effect but more importantly what kind of heart did they originate from? Yes we must watch our words but we must watch our hearts and mindsets. The words are […]

Visitation & The Abuser

Sadly, even though the control, manipulation, and abuse stopped for you, it doesn’t stop for the children that have visitation. Many times their eyes don’t see (like yours didn’t) and they will be the same pawns. They are walking on the same eggshells trying not to rock the same boat. They are being withheld from the same and blamed the same. And sadly, they are trying to fix it the same way we did. But they can’t. Codependency and unhealthy […]

Free Your Mind

One day I read a quote that said, “if you’re not happy with your life, change your religion”. It made me think about my beliefs, it’s purpose, and it’s affects on my life. It may seems blasphemous at first but soon, it will make you look at God’s expectations vs. imposed expectations- from you or others. It was a good prompter. I am convinced, and always have been, that God absolutely loves me and wants His best for me. But […]

Stepping Out of The Mire!!!

Today I am reminded that we need to find out what we are doing wrong to solve our dilemmas, not point fingers. Yes, I can point fingers (all 5 really). Yes, you can point fingers. When all that is done, what are you going to do to fix the situation. Your going to find out where you went wrong, acknowledge that, get some fire to make your stuff right, and DO IT TO IT!!!! Yes, there were some monkeywrench people. […]

Be Yourself!

Last night I saw my son’s actions and I told him to meet me in my room. I sternly sat my middle son down on my bed and said, “If I see you acting like your brothers or sister ever again, you will be in BIG TROUBLE! If I see you acting like anyone else, you will REALLY be in BIG TROUBLE. If you don’t know who you are, you’d better find out. Because AGAIN if I see you acting […]

Don’t Eat Trash

This year I had someone who would call me and constantly gossip about their spouse and in-laws …everyday … several times a day. They were telling me things to convince me of how horrible they were. Because I didn’t respond, they would keep planting these seeds and watering others. I would listen out of respect for my elders and being a family member. I noticed that it began to drain me every time I even saw them on caller id. […]

Happy Hallows Eve

Today is October 31, 2012. This morning I cut the top off of the pumpkin and let everyone (even Big Guy) reach in with their hands and clean out the pumpkin. I told them that sometimes we have some gunky stuff inside of us and we really need God to reach in there and get it out. Sometimes it’s in our heart but IT’S ALSO IN OUR HEAD as well. Then I carved a simple cross and reminded them all […]