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Watch Lynch Don’t Feed The Animals

Marshawn Lynch is a football player that we can learn from.  Many times when we get that first revelation that someone is not going to do you right, don’t feed them a nuthin’!  There are people who ask us questions to tell others our business, use against us, use to judge us, or it may even be their job.  Only give out information you don’t care about hearing back!  I repeat!!!!  My friends don’t need details.  They ask “are you […]

Thankful For Second Chances

This is the Month for Thanksgiving and also my Birthday Month (Yeah!!!). Every weekday we will share something we are thankful for. I have so many things to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for a second chance. Some get caught up in continuous negative roads with relationships, careers, family members, mindset, religion, etc. I didn’t know if I wwas going to even be alive in my right mind, but God gave me a second chance to live. All […]