Thankful for correction!

Today on the last day of November I am thankful for correction. Sometimes we attached correction inappropriately to our self-worth, self-esteem, and our value. We take in correction and fight back, all the while, STILL having to correct what’s broken. Like I tell my children, “you can get in trouble and correct it or you can without rebuttle, correct it”. Correction is for our benefit. That’s why the successful man needs correction to take his game further. You don’t know what promotion God is grooming you for. Now I don’t believe you should take verbal or emotional abuse, or any other debasing behavior. In the face of their debasing, protect your heart and learn to eat the meat and throw away the bones. The Bible says that a wise man receives correction. It is exactly correct, A WITNESS!! Many people are so busy fighting correction because of their insecurities, they are worn out and have not moved like they could or should in life. A side note, sometimes you learn how people REALLY feel about you. Listen good now!Please have this conversation with your children, especially your sons. Even in our lives, remember, correction is inevitable in a quest for wisdom!

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