Thankful for Giving Myself Permission

Today I am thankful for learning how to give myself permission. I used to forsake everything for everyone else’s benefit. My clothes were 20 years old because I would rather get what my kids needed. I would forgo grooming or anything that was for me. In my situation I found out that all my martyrdom was just spent somewhere else. I have learned to give myself permission to enjoy life. Enjoying life is not about money, though money broadens your options. Giving yourself permission at times was choosing to buy my own favorite cereal, buying nail polish, going somewhere with friends, putting $25 a side just for me, treating myself to a quesadilla, etc. God personally loves you so much and shows it by meeting your wants and needs. As time went on, this turned into a cruise, meeting loving people, and going on to finish college. I don’t believe that God has called us to deny our happiness or settle for less than what makes us happy. We must keep the balance but for those out of balance … give yourself permission to live again!!! Or you will LOSE the real essence of you! You will be so much happier, I’m a witness.

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  1. Mary Mc says:

    Wow. This is so true! It’s soooooo easy to justify to to ourselves that we do nothing for ourselves…… Mothers with low ends and a gang of little ones are especially susceptible to this condition. Lol I am learning to love others as I love myself. Loving me is where I begin…. Not where I try to end up! Thanks sis for the word of encouragement. 🙂

    • Ronniq says:

      Be encouraged and know that God loves you and wants good things for you. In my process, I have had to really answer what is God expecting from me and what does God really want, as His daughter, for me. I pray that you will always remember not just how deserving you aren’t but because of His Blood … how deserving you are by that righteous sacrifice. Be encouraged!!! Love Ya!!!

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