Thankful For Second Chances

This is the Month for Thanksgiving and also my Birthday Month (Yeah!!!). Every weekday we will share something we are thankful for. I have so many things to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for a second chance. Some get caught up in continuous negative roads with relationships, careers, family members, mindset, religion, etc. I didn’t know if I wwas going to even be alive in my right mind, but God gave me a second chance to live. All my relationships and their effects on me are better than ever, second chance at love and happiness. Remember that love is not just a significant other but your friends, your family members, your children enjoying you more and loving you better. I’ve been able to go back to school and will graduate in the summer with a more passionate career, second chance. New life for my kids, second chance. I’ve had a second chance for a new mindset about life and the relationships I shoult have. I am free not to beat my self up with religion, kill who God created me to be to fit the mold, or follow after a martyrdom God hasn’t called me to … that’s second chance at enjoy God’s love and desire for ME!!1 Though not perfect but happy, I am elated that I can recognize God giving the opportunity to give second chances and walking in it. So Thankful!!!!!!!!

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