Thankful To Be In My Right Mind

Today I would like to thank God for being in my right mind. I remember thinking about just walking out the front door, never turning around and never stopping. I was so numb. I remember telling my friend that I wasn’t going to make it another year. I think she thought I was saying being married, I was saying alive. All of these things were so out of character for me, it is just amazing to me where I had to be to even say them. The constant erosion done to oppress me was doing it’s job daily. I remember telling someone that I was “beyond …(all my own limitations). But God in His infinite mercy and grace came and rescue me, His Daughter. What is amazing is that I would have just stayed there and continued to died there! But God cause a shaking! *I’m ’bout to bless Him y’all!!!!* He literally caused the situation to spew me out!!! And THAT is when my healing and restoration began. Just thinking about it brings to mind that “He Is A WONDER In My Soul, BLESS HIS NAME!!!” You weren’t there but I assure you, it is an amazing thing! It is not taken lightly! I am thankful to be in my right mind!!

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