That’s Not Love

This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  While 1in 8 women are diagnosed with some type of breast cancer, 1 in 4 will experience domestic violence sometime in her life.  Sometimes it’s not a point of someone loving you sooo much. It could be that they are so possessive and controlling about you that they can’t fathom you not being under their control.  This is not God’s desire for you no matter who it is- parent, pimp, boyfriend, spouse, boss, etc. No one who loves you wants to hurt you … period.  This is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!! Abuser uses fear and other controlling behaviors to gain power over his victim.  Domestic Violence starts at emotional and verbal and escalates to physical.  Even if you just talk to someone, GET HELP! Call 314.993.2777 Talking does help!!!

Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Know Both



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