The Tickle Momma

Had a great day with the Sweet P’s. Tonight I attacked my guys with sho nuff sugar. My twin *lil serious self* said “Mom, you can’t keep doing this” … then of course he was screaming “somebody help me!” LOL Lay there and take all my sugars and tickles like a man! I wish you would block me … haaaayaaaah!!!!

Next morning the other twin wakes up “Tickle me, Tickle me!!” He says Mom every morning I want to come in and you tickle me. I told him absolutely not! He would wear me out! He said “please Mommy” *cheesing* I said “Ok … only today …haaaayaaaah!!!!!” And just so you know “haaaayaaaah” is what I say when I’m about to do a karate chop that ends up a tickle. Love my little men!!!

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