They Cannot/Will Not Help You

Know that some religions and religious organizations CANNOT help you because they employ the same tactics as the psychological (emotional) abuser. The same WILL NOT help you because their teachings foster, breed, and promote such treatment. You’ll go nuts trying to get this God to love and accept you. But when you escape that bondage, you realize His love and acceptance set you free! I’ve seen people trapped, imprisoned, and committed to institutions trying to live this supposedly “God way” in abuse. Pastors testify that they know it will be bad when she returns but the teaching says … I haven’t seen anyone saved by any except God Himself who strengthens you against your abusers (by this time there are many). Serve a God that strengthens you and speaks to you to do what’s best for you … Not the manipulators! Whoever they are … That’s the power of a real PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God!!! This is what is meant by God loves YOU!!!

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