Tired of Hearing That

Sometimes we have thoughts in our head that we just let float and fester day after day. I am guilty.  If I can not fix the problem or I can not see a resolve,  thinking about it wears me out! I had to come to thr point today when I said “Ok, I’m tired of hearing THAT in my head!”  Tired of hearing what is impossible,  what they say, what they keep doing, statistics show, re-living hurts, over analyzing simple people, etc.   We hear all these clutter drops in our head throughout the day. Drip this, drop that …  We have to just stop it!  The scripture says to pull down imaginations that exalt themselves.  I mean with all my heart, “I’m so tired of hearing that … GO SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN!!” (In my Auntie J voice)  Gone now … the right mindset for meditation

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