Tired of Hearing That

Sometimes we have thoughts in our head that we just let float and fester day after day. Sometimes they fade in and out throughout the day.   I am guilty.  If I can not fix the problem or I can not see a resolve,  thinking about it wears me out! I had to come to the point today when I said “Ok, I’m tired of hearing THAT in my head!”  Tired of hearing what is impossible,  what they say, what they keep doing, statistics show, re-living hurts, over analyzing simple people, etc.   We hear all these clutter drops in our head throughout the day. Drip this, drop that …  We have to just stop it!  The scripture says to pull down imaginations that exalt themselves.  I mean with all my heart, “I’m so tired of hearing that … GO SOMEWHERE AND SIT DOWN!!” (In my Auntie J voice)  Gone now!  Ready with the right mindset for meditation …

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  1. I’ve found that the only way I overcame the nonsense about worrying about other peoples’ perspectives was complete trust in my higher power. It was very scary, and a very long, difficult, problem filled road, to finally decide that whatever my higher power had in store for me was the best thing. Even if it was my worst nightmare. Once I had that trust that “everything is going to be ok (in the end)”, other peoples’ paranoid, cynical, over zealous, thoughts with overly high expectations just ran off of my back. My struggle with them ended. I was able to see their thoughts and words for what they were: trying to out think God. And I was at peace with both my own thoughts and their thoughts. What’s more, I was at peace at what was coming down the pipeline tomorrow. Then I was facing and dealing only with today.

    • Koi Nikole says:

      I can understand that. For me, my view was a bit skewed by what was taught about God’s view. The Higher Power concept was not the problem but what His expectations of me seem to have me as a pawn for everyone else’s expectations. This was being a good soldier. So for me I had to access the indicators God gave me called my feelings and the promptings and do what was right in His eyes and for me. Now I’m free to be me! Free have my own voice and know that it is a liberating voice. Free to not box God in from doing great things in my life. The suggestions are more like familiar spirits but I have a base now that … Yeah, it’s me and God doing this one! Yes, we are accepted as and in His Beloved!!

  2. One more piece. I needed someone to support me and love me in a manner that I believed that I was just the way god had designed me. I was completely acceptable in God’s eyes. With that understanding and belief (which was also required a long difficult road), I could be at piece with who I was. With my belief that God accepts me for exactly who I am, I didn’t need to worry about what other people thought or wanted for or from me. But I would have never have been able to reach that point without someone helping undo a lot of what I had learned in my childhood, especially about how God views me, and whether or not I am loveable.

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