Walking With Our Children

I shared this message today with a mother whose son was robbed and attacked.  It is an atrocity because young African-American men are drained of destiny and beat down several ways.  If it is not skin color, it is the system, or it is their own people that makes them feel like that cannot protect or provide for those they love.  So I salute all parents who have been there to not walk, but equip, your children through the true adversities of this life.  To secure them their lives are worth so much more, they have options, and I will stand for you!!

To my dear Sister Friend “You are doing a great job walking your children through their journeys. Can you imagine what they would go through if not such a passionate and protective mother? When I think of my children like this, it makes me so thankful to be alive. That way I know that someone will really love on, stand up for, and educate those who have stolen my heart from the first day I laid eyes on them. Things will happen to them and us (along side of them) … BUT we are only as good as our support system. We are blessed!!!”



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