Let It Flow … Again

I have one journal that survived with a few poems I wrote in high school.  Last night my daughter began to read it and she exclaimed, “Mom, your writing is so deep!”.

Life & situations over the years have hampered, suppressed, and even broken that flow.  Two years ago I opened the door and ended up penning 7 writings.  But now that isn’t an expression of me that overflows so freely.  It is a part of me but it hasn’t been allowed to flow.

Today I endeavor to strip myself of my weights that have made me lock my heart and put down my pen.  Today I will search for that creative beauty that I am and have always been.  A lady told me yesterday if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it … I’m telling you today, if you used it and you want it … GO BACK AND GET IT!!!!

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