When My Abuser Is Nice …

I just need to interrupt this music break after reading a few things … Every abuser is on his best behavior when there is a 3rd party involved or when he wants get back in place with the original program. This way the third party will verify that the abuser is a perfect gentleman and your crazy. Of course, he doesn’t want you to go, THEN WHO WOULD HE HAVE TO CONTROL & MAKE HIM FEEL MORE POWERFUL? Umm … no one. He’s invested too many years to get you where you are … don’t want to have to start over. We will not blame God. Maybe we need to reassess our understanding of God and if in our mind He has abusive tendencies. So let’s not be fooled.

Continue to become stronger with awareness & making the best choices for you and yours. There are many instances of the things that happen afterwards when an abuser goes on his “niceness” binge. He will do it for how ever long it takes to get what they want. Enjoy it but all the while be making a stronger more secure YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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