Will You Be Ready ?

I’m pretty sure that 16 months ago the father of a tragically slain African American teen, Trayvon Martin, would not know that a month ago he would have been speaking at Capitol Hill. He didn’t know that his other son would have to opportunity to intern under a political leader, or that he and Trayvon’s family would be on the cover of Essence Magazine for the month of September. This is not about capitalizing on unfortunate events. This is about answering a call and being ready and morally able to do it.

We are sometimes given a platform to advance things that are necessary in the earth. Many times I am encouraging people to get it together because they don’t know what may be on the way. That connection for a your passion, career, for your child’s advancement, etc. cannot be met if you are not perfecting your gift and life NOW … putting areas in order. You can’t wait until someone ask you to sing to start making a song list and you can’t wait for someone to have an opening for a job to go to school for it. You can’t expect a good relationship by not pursuing healing from the last and you can’t be a role model if you are lot living a live others should follow.

When I think of this family I think … What great thing are we are being prepared for? What kings and kingdoms are we being prepared to set before? What difference will you make? What trophy will you be? Wherever you want to be, what are the odds of you being there 6 months to a year from now? Even if it nothing of this magnitude, what opportunity is waiting for you in the future? Will the door open and will you be ready?

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