Windows Of Heaven

I love it when the Windows of Heaven are open for me and mine! Sometimes your hardship is a set up to show you what (& WHO) you may not pay attention to when the Window is open, Baby! See God knows I will get complacent and disengaged with that over there. But I WILL attend to it … and the Window will STILL open!! Not even THAT can stop or block Ms. Nikole!! Cuz don’t no monkey stop no show …

If God blessed me before, I would not see clearly or take the actions I’m taking now. How they treat me has helped me understand how they view me and their heart toward me. I wouldn’t have seen it while the blessing window is open. I would ignore this disrespect, crazy words, hard heart against my children, and the desire for control over us. Nah, watch it! We’re talking about ex’s, parents, friends, family, coworkers, etc. And when they finish … God still opens DOORS & WINDOWS no man can shut!! Selah

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