Wrong Choices, Right Reasons

I know I hate making wrong choices especially when the research I did made me think it was for the right reason. It seems like when I make the wrong choices for the right reasons, I get the same backlash as the wrong choices for the wrong reasons. This may be true. They both bring about correction, one negatively and, I believe, one positively. When I do things with the right heart, it seems to always have a meaning for me. Whether it is showing me someones true nature, or making me get off my bottom and initiate change, or giving me wisdom gleaned no other way. Always do everything for the right reason, what is right to do. The Bible says as a man sows that he will reap and other writings speak of karma. This is to say that when you do the right thing, right will come back to you. The trick is that it may not come like you want or expect it. A-ha! When I’ve made wrong choices that I did for the right reason, though a consequence came (and they will), God seems to have known my heart and blesses me to reap righteousness in other ways. It is not the end. Keep on living! Your sowing in righteous will be reaped!!! Faint not!!!

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