Hear No Evil … Be Not Entangled

Sometimes we want people to pay for what they did to us. We listen to others talk about them and watch for their destruction. What I’ve learned is that the abuser is paying but you are too. The more information you collect, the more you keep it all alive in YOUR life. All the stuff you find out or others share with you the more your keep the life of entanglement alive. You will never get out of the web until you get to the point that you refuse all information. It draws you in and gets you! Be free!! Stay free! Say no to all forms of communication that feeds the negativity in your life. If you continue, they won because they still have power over your mind. You lose because you have wasted time, energy, and emotion on someone whose whole being is to
take from you and bring you down – only with your help, of course.

Don’t get stuck there! Keep your mind clear and stay progressive because when you get stuck … you are DEFINITELY NOT progressing in emotional freedom. You are not a garbage can!

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