The Choice Is Yours

Sometimes we need to elevate our minds. Not only was I in a controlling/manipulative relationship but even my unchecked submission to church guidelines, just furthered oppression. I could blame the ex and the church because it caused a lot of pain and wasted years. After pinpointing the problems and issues that kept me in such a state and dealing with the healing thereof, I began to see that I gave away my power of self.

The truth is that there are people in the church who had not lost themselves. In that same way, I didn’t have to either. Yes, I want to be pleasing to God and I love His love for me but God showed me that some of it was NOT His love for me. But I was putting up with things that were killing me and so unnecessary. That’s when I realized that my life is only subject to what I give permission for it to be subject to. Yes, to get out of the oppression will take confidence to turn and maybe a hard road. That road is not forever and it will show you that you are the VICTOR not the victim that you once were! So know that whereever you are, it is because you choose to be there!!! It is your obligation to yourself to have healthy relationships and experiences. If they have power over you … it’s because you gave it to them!! The power IS and HAS ALWAYS been … in your hands!!!

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