You Don’t Have To Relive Their Life

I was told once by a pastor that I would not be a good wife because my parents were divorced. That’s a tormenting LIE!!! As it turned out, I married the person he warned and I’m the one who got burned. There are things that are modeled for you in one home and not the other. But it doesn’t negate you learning it. Right there is where you come in to change your destiny. And just because they pronounced it over you, doesn’t mean it is so. And just because your parents were married until death doesn’t mean you will be. All the same, if you get a divorce doesn’t mean that you will never have a happy relationship. Change starts with you …

Just because your parents did so & so doesn’t mean you will do the same. Your mother has nothing to do with your abusive, unfaithful spouse. Your relationship has a total different dynamic as well as your life. Maybe you could have been better equipped but your own determination will bring to pass great things. We all must take the good and learn better from the bad … And chart your own journey. Don’t relive anyone’s life … Do you!!!

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